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Welcome to Forest Garden Products Certification

F.G.P Inspection & Certification (Pvt) Ltd. (FGP IC) is based in Sri Lanka, and has an international body of trained inspectors in Sri Lanka, India, Philippines and Latin America (Ecuador) etc. The inspectorate has been trained in complementary skills to carry FGP inspections. One aspect being Organic production methods and regulations, administration, labeling requirements etc., and the other aspect going beyond it : Identifying soils and soil types, social conditions, carbon, landscape and Identifying species indicators: Soil macro organisms, invertebrates, birds, fish, insects, aquatic organisms, amphibians, palms and plants etc.

The F.G.P Inspection and Certification (Pvt.) Ltd is the first accredited certification company under the International Analog Forestry Network. (IAFN.)
Click here to see F.G.P-IC Accreditation for certification. ISO/IEC Guide 65 for Confomity assesment is in progress.

The FGP inspection system began in Sri Lanka in 1987 as a method of evaluating the effectiveness of the Analog Forestry that was being set up in Sri Lanka. Over twenty years of operation, it has developed an impressive history and understanding of the factors involved in the restoration of Ecosystems and methods of monitoring. Today, it has become an international force.

Our inspection service certifies 'beyond organic', in compliance with all environmental and social concerns of our customers in addition to its organic origin. The standards set for social, biodiversity, landscape and carbon criteria, ensure that our producers are responsible and effective in restoring their ecosystems.

Standards addressed:
Clean, Organic Production
Increasing Farm Sustainability
Ensuring Fair Social Equity
Building Back Biodiversity
Reducing the Carbon Footprint


 F.G.P Inspection & Certification (Pvt) Ltd.


International Analog Forestry Network Accreditation No: C01A
(For Forest Garden Production methods of Organic, Bio Diversity, clean environment and Fair Trade)

 Sri Lanka Accreditation Board (SLAB) Accredited for ISO/IEC Guide 65  No: CP 001 - 01
For certification of Forest Garden and Organic Production methods

Bench Mark:

Fair Trade criteria of the International Analog Forestry Network standard and its implementation with that of
Fair Flowers Fair Plants, The Netherlands (FFP) Bench Mark No.:20100312153428298_0001